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Veltica are stand for vessel to essential capability, we are the enabler of digitalizations in industries who develop the best professional digital talents and leaders. The presence of new digital era is our playground, as we will always be there to be your credible partner in passing the new wave of global digital transformations.

Our Vision is to creating the new normal with massive impact in digital era by nurturing the high quality of digital talent. Our Mission is to become the most reliable institution that providing comprehensive digital training and certification.

Why Veltica Digital Academy

We aim to unlock the leadership, culture, management, creativity around digital capabilities. not just technical delivery but also strategic.

Our objective is to help industries pass and survive from non digital to digital era in such enlightening way.

Our blend of academic and practical learning ensures that our clients build tangible skills that translate to today's evolving marketing landscape.

Our strength is specializing in digital academy with experiential learning, latest local & global case studies, and coaching approach.

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Digital Marketing Practitioner


Digital Marketing Technologist


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Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 18, Jakarta Selatan 12520
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