Public Courses

We have put together a wide range of comprehensive Public Courses for corporate leaders or individual learners looking to unlock their full potential, both on a professional and personal level. Our Public Courses are designed to ensure you succeed within your job role, giving you the necessary skills, knowledge and tools you need to become a key player within the organisation you work for. Veltica Digital Academy can help you reach the objectives and goals set by your organisation as well as any personal goals and achievements you may wish to fulfill.


Webinars are a great way to learn about digital capabilities and more. Our webinars are hosted by some of the digital talent or digital industries experts. Join our webinar and get a very insightfull ideas and trends as they put their years of experience on display and share invaluable insights about they strategies. As a alumni, you can participate in any webinar and watch previous ones for free. Sign into our community account or create a new one to get started!

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